Experts in VA Disability Law! Hiring the lawyers at the Buckley Johnson Law Firm was the best thing I did concerning my VA appeal. They handled my case with care and were always available to answer questions. Believe me, they get the job done. I refer all of my veteran friends to these lawyers. They truly care about fighting for us veterans. -Anthony, US Army Veteran

They put in 100% effort. I was referred to the firm by a fellow veteran. During our first conversation, I felt very comfortable trusting the Buckley Johnson lawyers with my case and was happy when they agreed to represent me. After two years of fighting the VA for me, they won my case. I highly recommend them. -Benjamin, Lance Corporal, US Marine Corps. Veteran

Great attorneys get the job done. I was getting lost in the maze of the VA and was only getting 10% till I spoke to some fellow veterans who gave me the Buckley Johnson Law Firm phone number.  This firm been a life changer. Highly recommend. They don’t quit till you get what you deserve! -Greg L., US Army Veteran, Iraq

The Buckley Johnson Law Firm attorneys really care about veterans. It’s people like them that keep guys like us going. I couldn’t believe I had to fight the VA for my combat-related PTSD compensation. I was ready to give up until a veteran introduced me to these attorneys. They believed in me and that gave me the courage to keep fighting the VA. With their expertise and assistance, I finally won my appeal. -M.J., Vietnam Veteran, Door Gunner, First Air Calvary, US Army

I was ready to give up all hope until a veteran gave me the Buckley Johnson Law Firm business card.  They have a heart for us veterans and they will fight for you!  The Buckley Johnson Law team are pros at navigating the VA system and I am so pleased to finally be service connected at 100%.  I highly recommend them. – W.L., Vietnam Combat Engineer, US Army

The Buckley Johnson Law Firm Gets The Job Done. I was afraid to use lawyers because of the attorney fee. However, the Buckley Johnson attorneys are worth every penny. The got my disability up to 100%. I tried to do this on my own and failed. They know the law and they know how to win. I highly recommend them. -Dwayne, Army Veteran

The attorneys at the Buckley Johnson Law Firm changed my life.  I  tried fighting the VA on my own for years and almost gave up.  Then I hired this firm and, within several months, they obtained the evidence needed for the grant of my 100% award.  I recommend them to all fellow veterans. -S.P., Navy veteran

I am a World War II and Korean War Veteran. The Buckley Johnson Firm handled my appeal with dedication and compassion. They truly care for veterans. They guided me throughout the entire process, answering all of my questions. I now refer other veterans to this firm with confidence. -John G., US Army Veteran

Experts! Wanted to thank you for the enormous effort to get my VA claim successfully filed and accepted. I was ready to stop the fight. This is a great weight off my shoulders. – Brian W., Army Veteran

You and your husband deserve the THANKS… so many VETERANS would get screwed even more without your involvement. When I get to Heaven, I am putting in a good word about you!  If you’re wondering how I know I am going to HEAVEN.. I figure after being married for 52 years…I HAVE DONE MY PENANCE here on earth! -Rich, Air Force Veteran

You are an asset to veterans. Thank you so much. D.L., Vietnam Veteran, US Army

God bless you and thank you for your time and help with reobtaining my VA compensation, your firm is the BEST and highly recommended. Thank you again and God bless your firm. – E.C., Army Veteran

“Exceptional lawyers for the Veteran”… Buckley-Johnson Law Firm, LLC – I have worked with this firm for a number of years. Given the VA case load, they have never lost interest in my case. I have always felt their desire to obtain the benefits I deserve was honest and sincere. I would absolutely recommend them for a successful outcome as your partner through the VA maze… – US Army Veteran

In July, we won a very long VA compensation claim with the VA. And very complicated due to environmental hazards. And politics some of my records were even lost. In the end I received fair and reasonable compensation. A long awaited decision thanks to the Buckley Johnson law firm. -Ed, US Army Veteran

We once joked around that the DAV adopted you as our sister. When a person demonstrates actual caring like you do we cannot help but to have the greatest respect and admiration for that individual that understands the suffering comes in mental and physical form. We worry about how society will view us as abnormal people and have to live with it. Having someone like you on our side gives us the will to want to live and keep on going especially when you get up in years like me. Thank You Sis. -Steven, Air Force Veteran

I just want to take this time to THANK YOU with all my heart for fighting for me so strong in receiving rightfully earned benefits that were due to me resulting from my military service. G.S., Army Veteran

I was referred to this firm by several combat veterans.  Fighting the VA is exhausting but the Buckley Johnson Law Firm attorneys supported me emotionally throughout the process in addition to performing outstanding legal work.  I highly recommend them. -Richard T., Navy Veteran

These attorneys are wonderful human beings.  I had the privilege of working with the Buckley Johnson Law Firm.  They never gave up on me and I received my 100% disability award because of their appeals. -Walter, Vietnam Veteran, US Army, Infantry

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into my case. Thank you very much!!! -Scott G., US Navy Veteran

The veterans that know Buckley Johnson love her and Anne loves us Veterans. I know this because she told me so. Thank you for all your hard work. My claims have been approved and I am now service related 100%. Thank you. Anthony M., Vietnam Army Veteran

I owe you a very large “THANK YOU”. I assumed you were successful in appealing my claim as extra monies started showing up in my account,  but until today’s mail, I had no official word as to why. I have now received the VA determination and rating of 100%. Again, thank you for a job well done, and may the holidays bring you and yours all that you wish for. -Wayne K., Purple Heart, Marine Corps, Vietnam Veteran

I have been involved with the VA system since 1990. In that time I have worked with a number of attorneys. I feel compelled to say that the attorneys at the Buckley Johnson Law Firm are by far the best attorneys I have ever worked with. I feel as if the attorneys listen to me and really go to bat for me. The attorneys are smart and they’re fighters who have helped me a great deal. I plan to continue to work with this firm for my legal needs going forward. I can and will recommend them to anyone without hesitation. Sincerely, R.V., Navy Veteran

The Buckley Johnson Law Firm attorneys truly care about us veterans.  The VA reduced my disability rating and I wanted to appeal.  Trying to figure out the VA appeal process on my own was frustrating.  A fellow veteran recommended that I hire Anne and I am happy that I did.   Anne assisted me with the entire process.  She filed the appropriate forms, answered all of my questions, gathered all evidence, represented me at the hearing, and wrote an amazing legal argument.  The VA agreed with Anne and I won the appeal.   I couldn’t have done this without Anne’s expertise.   I highly recommend that veterans hire the attorneys at the Buckley Johnson Law firm to help with their appeals.  D.W., Vietnam Combat Veteran, US Army

I am so grateful to you for representing me in my veterans case appeal. I really appreciate your professionalism and guidance. You are an outstanding lawyer with a strong passion for veterans cases. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of a VA attorney. -Richard L., Vietnam Veteran, US Army

My Lord, you are such a brilliant mind. Thank you. John C., US Navy Veteran