Marine Corps War Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Our Mission:

At Buckley Johnson Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping our United States military veteran obtain their well-deserved VA disability compensation. We work hard for our veterans and we do not get paid unless we win your VA disability claim.

VA Disability Compensation

At Buckley Johnson Law Firm, we understand how difficult obtaining disability compensation may be. The lawyers at our firm are specialized in this field and can help veterans obtain disability claims.

Increased VA disability ratings

The lawyers at Buckley Johnson Law Firm understands that the VA makes mistakes. At the Buckley Johnson Law firm, we can help veterans increase their disability rating for service-connected disabilities.

Earlier Effective Dates

The attorneys at Buckley Johnson Law Firm understand the complexities of VA procedures. The VA may sometimes grant the wrong effective date, and the lawyers at Buckley Johnson Law Firm can help fight the VA to get the correct effective date.

Helpful Documents to Have Handy for Your First Call to Our Office

  • DD Form 214 (Discharge Papers and Veteran Separation Documents)
  • VA Decision denying your claim
  • Entrance and separation physical examination reports
  • Outpatient medical reports (military, private, or VA)
  • Inpatient hospitalization records (military, private or VA)
  • Personnel file
  • Line of Duty (LOD) investigation reports
  • Overseas or temporary duty (travel) orders